How the IRS Defines an IRA Direct Rollover

Knowing the IRS definitions of rollovers is important, as it allows you to manage your retirement accounts not only effectively, but also with respect to all laws.  Keep in mind that the IRS has no sense of humor – things will be done their way, or no way at all.  There is no “highway” option, […]

IRA Direct Rollover to Traditional IRA or another Employer Plan

YN7SCH76SWXE If you choose to have your employer make a direct rollover of an eligible rollover distribution to an IRA or another qualified plan, your avoid tax on the payment and no tax will be withheld. If you are changing jobs and want an IRA direct rollover plan of the new employer, make sure that […]

Setting up a Traditional IRA Direct Rollover to Roth IRA

If you’re looking at completing an IRA direct rollover to Roth IRA account, you’ll want to make sure that you fully understand all of the implications and rules of the new account. There will likely be quite a few different IRA rollover forms that you’ll have to complete, and the taxes will have to be […]

IRA Direct Rollover Limits – What You Need to Know

The IRA direct rollover system is one that leaves little room for mistakes, as it is a direct plan-to-plan transfer. In this type of direct IRA rollover transfer, the money that has been invested in the IRA is transferred directly from your old employer’s plan to one that you’ve set up yourself or to a […]